Notice: Annual and Special Meeting will be held on May 26th

On behalf of Robb Elchuk, Board Chair of the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame (SSHF), this post serves as an official notice of the Annual and Special Meeting of the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame which will be held at the following date and time:

Date: Thursday, May 26, 2022

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Virtually via Microsoft Teams

The agenda will include Annual Reports, Bylaw revisions, presentation of Financial Statements, the appointment of the auditor for 2022/23, and reports on the election of Board Directors.

The meeting package, plus the 2021 Annual Report, 2021/22 Financial Statements, and all other pertinent materials for the Annual and Special Meeting have been posted on the SSHF website and are available for review before the meeting.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in the interest of the health and wellness of our Members, the Annual and Special Meeting will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams. Please fill out this registration form to receive your access credentials for the meeting which will be distributed no later than noon on Thursday, May 26.

All members of the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in good standing are welcome to virtually attend and vote during the Annual and Special Meeting.

After changes to the SSHF Bylaws at the 2021 Annual and Special Meeting, Members of the Hall may include the following:

    (i) Provincial Sport Governing Bodies;
    (ii) Satellite sports halls of fame and sport museums in Saskatchewan;
    (iii) Current members of the Board of the Hall;
    (iv) Past Board members of the Hall who completed at least one (1) term while serving on the Board within the previous five (5) year time period;
    (v) Individuals, families or corporations with three (3) years of paid dues in the Hall in the most recent four (4) years;
    (vi) Inductees to the Hall who receive a complimentary membership with voting privileges in the year of induction; paid dues are required thereafter to retain voting privileges in any given year.

If you are uncertain if you are eligible to vote in the Annual and Special Meeting – or if you have any other questions – please contact the Hall of Fame at 306-780-9232 or email [email protected].

Sask Sports Hall of Fame at I Love Regina Day

The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame is partnering with the City of Regina and other attractions to celebrate I Love Regina Day on July 6.  Come & share the excitement with activities in Victoria Park and a reduced admission of $2 to the Hall (*members are free).

Between 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. there will be games, crafts, and a photo peek-a-boo out in the Park (along with lots of other activities)

When you get too hot head into the Hall to check out our latest exhibits, participate in the Scavenger Hunt, and enter the door prize draw for a Saskatchewan Roughrider VIP Fan Experience.

Come on out and share in the fun!  We look forward to seeing you.

If you’d like more information regarding I Love Regina Day you can check out the link included here

Or as always you can contact us via:
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (306) 780 – 9232
or Twitter

For The Record Newsletter : March 2013

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 1.15.58 PM

There has been more excitement than ever surrounding The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame as we move closer to our 2013 induction, as well sitting on the edge of some great new advancements that promise to help move the hall toward the future faster than we ever have before.

With so much going on, and more happening every day, we like to keep those of you who are interested in the hall as informed as possible with regards to everything that is taking place within our walls, as well as in our community.

This is why we release ‘For The Record’, so that each and every one of you can get a detailed bit of insight into what we have been working on and the initiatives and endeavors we will be undertaking in the near future.

So here it is, for your reading pleasure, the March 2013 edition of For The Record. Enjoy!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments involving both The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame and For The Record via our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages which can be found with the attached links.

For the Record March

Past President’s Luncheon

This past Tuesday we had the privilege of hosting a number of our past presidents in the first of what will become a regular event. These individuals have seen the Saskatchewan Hall of Fame (SSHF) through many important milestones over our 47 year history.  The meeting was an opportunity to share the vision of the current Board of Directors, receive feedback about this direction, and encourage the continued involvement of everyone in the SSHF’s operations.

What an opportunity!  While still very committed to the SSHF, it’s a rare day – if ever – that we have been able to get all of these individuals in the same room at the same time.  Such camaraderie and shared vision was immediately evident, and all still hold that shared passion for the SSHF.  Over lunch the future direction of the SSHF was discussed and critiqued, resulting in the knowledge that our future can be very bright.

Included in this post is a photo of the SSHF presidents and a recap of when each of them were at the helm of one of the most storied pieces of Saskatchewan sports history.

We would like to thank each and every one of the individuals who were able to take time out of their busy schedules to be a part of this and we look forward to seeing more of them in the future.


From left to right: Back Row: Alan Ford (2007), Cas Pielak (2000), Robert Millar (2004)
Front Row: George Reed (1980-1984), Marlene Hoffman (1999), Hugh Vassos (2011 – Current), Barry Taman (2006), Craig Adam (2008), Paul Spasoff (2009,2010)

Regular Hours Are Back

In case you missed it on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we closed our doors last week to update our exhibits with new and exciting displays that are full of great information that will keep you busy for hours inside the hall. After our December exhibits were so well received we knew that what came next had to be something that was unique and would truly capture the spirit of sport in this province.

If you don’t play hockey, what do people do in Saskatchewan in the winter? Curling, Broomball, Ringette, Skating, Skiing, and Snowshoeing are just some of the sports that come to mind and will be featured in the exhibit with artifacts from the permanent collection. Also on display will be a mini-exhibit focusing on Old Timers Hockey.

Now that the exhibits have been changed over and “Winter In Saskatchewan” is ready for viewing we are happy to announce that our regular viewing hours are back and that means there are plenty of chances for you to come see everything that is new in the gallery. If you were curious as to what these regular hours are, The Saskatchewan Sports Hall Of Fame is opening for viewing from 9am-5pm every Monday to Friday. If you have any questions about this, or any other happenings at the hall you can also feel free to contact us at (306) 780-9232.

See you soon!