Legacy Support Focus

The decision to make a legacy donation to the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame (SSHF) includes deciding which method you will use to transfer those funds to us and which legacy support focus area you want them to target.

Incorporated under the Saskatchewan Non-profit Corporations Act, 1995 and a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada), the SSHF has identified a number of focus areas to which legacy gifts can be targeted in support of Saskatchewan’s sport history:

  • Unrestricted
  • Development of New Exhibits
  • Collection Management
  • Capital Improvements

Consider the following information as you choose the legacy support focus area that is best for you.


The opportunity to celebrate Saskatchewan’s sport history doesn’t follow a prescribed timeline. It is important to be able to capture the moment of a historic first and celebrate new accomplishments as they are achieved. Operating budgets do not always support such immediacy. By dedicating your legacy gift to an unrestricted fund you provide the SSHF with the authority to decide what initiatives should take precedence.

Development of New Programming

Each year there are new inductees and new stories to celebrate in Saskatchewan’s sport history.  Dedicate your legacy gift to the development of new exhibits and interpretive programming to engage and educate the visiting public through in-house and outreach opportunities.

Collection Management

The SSHF currently has over 19,000 individual artifacts and archives in its permanent collection valued at approximately $1 million. The costs of cataloguing, conserving, digitizing and researching the full context of these items can be significant. Consider allocating your legacy gift to ongoing collection management practices of the permanent collection in order to help enhance public access to the collection through in-house, outreach and online activations.

Capital Improvements

Support the future growth of the SSHF by dedicating your legacy gift to the design, acquisition, repurposing, development, construction, and/or improvement of Hall of Fame facilities and fixtures.

Please contact us at 306-780-9232 or via email to [email protected] should you wish to discuss any legacy support focus area in more detail.