Gallery Interactives

When you visit the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame (SSHF) there are a number of interactive displays available to help visitors explore Saskatchewan’s sport history.

The STEM Interactive Gallery sponsored by SaskTel debuted in 2020 and brings Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to life through to-scale measurements.

Visitors to the STEM Interactive Gallery can test their vertical jump, their balance, their strength, their standing long jump, their flexibility, and their grip strength while also learning about some of the ways Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are changing the sporting world.

STEM has been a growing field in schools for many years. While these topics can feel sedentary, the STEM Interactive Gallery allows students to mix learning with physical activity.

The STEM Interactive Gallery is also available as a virtual tour that you can explore and participate in from home. It features “how-to” and “experimental” videos related to the gallery.

Our multi-sport simulator is a popular favourite that allows visitors to test their sporting skills.

The simulator features games in a variety of sports: baseball, basketball, bocce, cricket, football, golf, hockey, rugby, soccer, and zombie dodgeball.

The games can be played individually, or you can challenge a friend to test your skills in two-player mode.

The multi-sport simulator is currently locked down to one sport per day to limit the amount of equipment that is being handled and used.

Another popular interactive attraction is our adaptive curling ice. Our four-rock “ice” rink allows visitors to slide their stones down the ice either from their knees or with an adaptive stick that affixes to the stone. While the synthetic surface allows the rocks to slide down to the house it doesn’t allow for sweeping.

All available interactive elements are cleaned as required once our visitors leave.