Outreach Programming

At this time all outreach programming will be done virtually. Our Education Coordinator remains available to give a virtual presentation on your choice of several prepared topics or one formulated to suit your area of study.

There is no cost to participate in this program!

The People of Sport in Your Community – How have they served and given back to their community? What are their accomplishments?

The Street Where You Live – Our Education Coordinator will teach you how streets are named in your community with a focus on streets named after sports figures.

The People of Sport Who Served in the Armed Forces – Who were these people who sacrificed for our country, sometimes with their lives?

The Evolution of Sport Equipment – From leather to composite and everything in between, learn about the evolution of sport equipment.

STEM in sport – Investigate how Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are everywhere in sport.

What is an artifact? – How does it tell the story of history? How do we care for and store them? We will look at several interesting and rare artifacts in the collection and the stories they tell.