Hello Teachers!

Welcome to the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame Education Page. Before you get started take time to read all about the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on our About Page. Also, take time to get familiar with the terms below:

  • Inductee

    People who have been nominated and selected to be the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame. There are three (3) types of inductees: Athletes, Builders and Teams

  • Athlete

    An individual who plays sports

  • Builder

    This term refers to coaches, officials, administrators, a patron, a media person (journalist/broadcaster) and sports medicine.

  • Team

    A group of people who play the same sport.

Listed below are links to grade specific Online Lesson Plans based on specific outcomes and indicators from the current Saskatchewan Curriculum.

Never Give Up

Attention Teachers! K-12 Curriculum Connections are now available! Never Give Up began as a “one time only” program nine years ago. Once again this spring, the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame is bringing our Never Give Up educational program to Read more →