Notice: Annual and Special Meeting will be held on May 26th

On behalf of Robb Elchuk, Board Chair of the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame (SSHF), this post serves as an official notice of the Annual and Special Meeting of the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame which will be held at the following date and time:

Date: Thursday, May 26, 2022

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Virtually via Microsoft Teams

The agenda will include Annual Reports, Bylaw revisions, presentation of Financial Statements, the appointment of the auditor for 2022/23, and reports on the election of Board Directors.

The meeting package, plus the 2021 Annual Report, 2021/22 Financial Statements, and all other pertinent materials for the Annual and Special Meeting have been posted on the SSHF website and are available for review before the meeting.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in the interest of the health and wellness of our Members, the Annual and Special Meeting will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams. Please fill out this registration form to receive your access credentials for the meeting which will be distributed no later than noon on Thursday, May 26.

All members of the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in good standing are welcome to virtually attend and vote during the Annual and Special Meeting.

After changes to the SSHF Bylaws at the 2021 Annual and Special Meeting, Members of the Hall may include the following:

    (i) Provincial Sport Governing Bodies;
    (ii) Satellite sports halls of fame and sport museums in Saskatchewan;
    (iii) Current members of the Board of the Hall;
    (iv) Past Board members of the Hall who completed at least one (1) term while serving on the Board within the previous five (5) year time period;
    (v) Individuals, families or corporations with three (3) years of paid dues in the Hall in the most recent four (4) years;
    (vi) Inductees to the Hall who receive a complimentary membership with voting privileges in the year of induction; paid dues are required thereafter to retain voting privileges in any given year.

If you are uncertain if you are eligible to vote in the Annual and Special Meeting – or if you have any other questions – please contact the Hall of Fame at 306-780-9232 or email [email protected].