Anton “Red” Glasser

A bowler for 30 years, Anton “Red” Glasser has won many singles and doubles events.  He won the Canadian Singles Championship in 1962. With his partner, Joe Most, he won the Canadian Doubles title in 1964.  At this time, he was voted the most outstanding individual in the tournament.

Glasser represented Canada in three international events; the American Bowling Congress Masters at Des Morines in 1962; the World Bowling Federation’s (FIQ) Invitational Tournament at Chicago in 1963; and the FIQ Invitational Tournament at Milwaukee in 1971. One of Glasser’s outstanding achievements during his career was the bowling of a perfect game.

Glasser has made several contributions to bowling over the years, as an instructor and as vice-president of the Regina Men’s Ten-Pin Association.

Installed in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on April 1, 1978.