1993 Regina Rams Football Club

Accomplishments: Canadian Junior Football Champions, 1993

The 1993 Rams were class of the Prairie Junior Football Conference (PJFC) enjoying a perfect 8 and 0 season. Their league play saw them defeat the Edmonton Wildcats 44-25, the Edmonton Huskies 28-14, the Calgary Colts 36-22, and the Saskatoon Hilltops 26-13 in the first four games. In the second half of the season they continued to win, racking up another four straight victories. The Rams opened the playoffs with a very convincing 50-19 thrashing of the Calgary Colts. They followed this up with a 30-15 PJFC final win over their northern rivals, Saskatoon Hilltops.

In the Western final at Taylor Field, they won another lopsided victory, 43-12, over the Surrey Rams to move to the Canadian championship. The championship game was played in Regina, behind quarterbacking of Darryl Leason, who was chosen as the game’s Most Valuable Player; the Rams defeated the Hamilton Hurricanes 23-11. This marked the Rams’ eleventh national championship.

Head coach, Frank McCrystal, was named the Canadian Junior Football League’s Coach of the Year and was presented the Gord Currie Award for his efforts. Centre, Tim McFadden, was named the PJFC’s Most Valuable Offensive Lineman and Darryl Leason captured the league’s Most Valuable Player during this most successful season.

Installed in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on June 17, 2006.

Front Row l to r: Crystal Ward, Gary Uhren, Brad Herschmiller, Ray Pitre, Rick Seaman, Ron Senger, Frank McCrystal, Bob Pelton, Bernie Schmidt, Jerry Orban, Alex. Smith, Bill Bissett, Leanne LaMontagne

2nd Row: Ian Saxby, Darryl Leason, Michael Ball, Jason Maier, Todd Orthner, Brent Ripplinger, Scott Sinclair, Chad Ehman, Aaron Saxby, Danny Paskiw, Craig Briere, Matt Kellett, Seth Neuls, C. Wilke

3rd Row: Ed Bankowski, Derek Fink, Jeff Hagerty, Todd Fuchs, Bryce Downey, Blaine Gerein, Shawn Harvey, Michael Rutten, Mark Bernard, Bob Aldridge, Kyle Ouart, Jamie Baille, Bob Millar, P. Sinclair

4th Row: Dave. Rezansoff, Tom Gardiner, Simon Shaw, Sheldon Cossar, Lloyd MacDonald, Wavell Starr, Randy Srochenski, Mike Moore, John Carmichael, Michael Milo, Dennis Losie, Cory Borsa, Darren Bird, L. Ashcroft

5h Row: Earl Kallichuk, Jeff Pennington, Doug Huber, Tim Coucill, Scott Waters, Paul Clark, Doug Clark, Chris Seibel, Garry Aveyard, Ken Stasyshyn, Trent Langford, Tim McFadden, Monique Knippel

6h Row: Jamie Zaluski, Jody Gould, Devin Gusa, Josh Shaw, Michael Leason, Garth Schill, Geoff Deck, Marco Ricci, Leonard Milo, Doug McKillop, T McCord

7th Row: Paul Barnby, Crystal Pelletier, C. Sinclair, Fred Dulmage, Cliff Dacey, Dennis Junior, Jack Kennedy, Wally McCready, Doug Tunison, Don Fuchs, Dave Howie, Wayne Saxby

Missing: Brad Bork, Ian Kydd, Steve Uren, Larry Kratt, Larry LeBlanc, Gary Mather, Don McDougall, Larry Mueller, Kelvin Ostapowich, Al Picton, Roger Salloum, Steve Sombach, Norbert Thurmeier, Father Basil Chomos