1967 Saskatoon Ladies’ Five-Pin Bowling Team

Accomplishments: Canadian Ladies’ Five-Pin Bowling Champions, 1967.

In 1967 the Saskatoon Ladies Bowling Team won the Canadian Ladies Team Championship. Held in Winnipeg, the team score for 10 games was 12985, a record that has never been surpassed by any other bowling team in Canada.

The six members of this championship team were: Marion Taylor, Geraldine Thompson, Sarah Nykiforuk, Beulah (Bunny) Hinch, Martha Caudle and Shirley Quayle. Their coach was Mr. John Robert (Bob) Price.

All team members and Mr. Price presently reside in the city of Saskatoon and are still active participants of their sport. The accumulative years of experience of this complete team in 159 years. This could possible be another record and one which involves not only competitive play but service as leaders on a local, provincial, regional and national level as well as coaching and teaching the sport of their choice.

Installed into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on March 30, 1974.

Left to Right:

Front Row: Geraldine Thompson, Marion Taylor, Martha Caudle.

2nd Row: Beulah “Bunny” Hinch, Sarah Nykiforuk, Shirley Quayle.

Missing: John Robert Price (coach).