Mobile exhibit trailer at the Brier

The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame will be bringing our mobile exhibit trailer to the Montana’s Brier from March 1-10.

Each day of the men’s national curling championship you can find our 53-foot trailer in the Ag Ex Building adjacent to the Brandt Centre. On the opening weekend, the trailer will be open from 3:30-6:30 p.m. on Friday and 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. Once the Brier moves to three draws per day on Sunday, the trailer will be open from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday. During the final three days of the event, the trailer will open 90 minutes before the first draw of the day and close 30 minutes after the late draw has started.

We are excited to welcome students from numerous schools who will tour the trailer during the weekday mornings of the Brier.

The mobile travelling exhibit was created in 2016 in conjunction with the Hall of Fame’s 50th anniversary celebrations. It is unique among Halls of Fame in Canada and features stories and artifacts that span the SSHF collection. Hockey and football jerseys on display from as far back as the 1930s, a 100-year-old Olympic gold medal, vintage curling sweaters, and much more are on display inside the trailer.

Please see the map below to find the location of the trailer in the Ag Ex building north of the Brandt Centre.

Travelling program teaching students to Never Give Up

Never Give Up began as a “one time only” program nine years ago.
Once again this spring, the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame is bringing our Never Give Up educational program to students and schools in the province.

Students tour the mobile exhibit trailer.

When Never Give Up debuted in 2011, the program targeted students in Grades 3-5 in support of the Saskatchewan Social Studies curriculum based on the objectives of community, our province, and heroes.
The program sought to answer the question: what makes a person a “hero”? When talking about the concept of a hero, the program strove to make the students understand that there are positive role models that could be heroes in our schools, at home, and in the community and that heroes are different for everyone. The program also recognized the special contributions that the presenters have made to Saskatchewan athletics and our society.
Elementary school students are at an extremely impressionable age. They are entering a point in their lives where they act, think and feel on their own while developing impressions of themselves and those around them. It is important that they are provided with positive people or “heroes” who they can look up to within their own community. As such, the program was originally developed around Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame inductee, Ted Jaleta, and his personal story of never giving up.

Ted Jaleta speaks to a school assembly as part of the Never Give Up program.

Jaleta’s promising distance running career was put on hold in his native Ethiopia after he was shot, imprisoned and tortured during the Ethiopian Civil War in 1976. Jaleta was able to escape and flee the country, eventually settling in Canada.
Following an extremely successful debut, the Never Give Up program was developed into one that would be offered on a regular basis to locations throughout Saskatchewan. While the involvement of Ted Jaleta has been one of the hallmarks of the program, the involvement of other sports personalities from Saskatchewan has been essential to its success. All of these individuals have overcome obstacles and hardships and truly understand what it means to “never give up” and serve as positive role models. Past participants have included Fiona Smith-Bell (hockey), Heather Kuttai (Paralympian – shooting), Fred Sasakamoose (hockey), and Kia (Buyers) Schollar (canoe/kayak). Saskatchewan is a diverse province and this diversity is well represented within the student population. With this in mind, we have always looked to choose presenters who can speak to and represent these diversities.
Since 2011 Never Give Up has reached more than 18,000 students and been expanded to involve Grades 3-8. This year the SSHF’s mobile exhibit trailer is accompanying the Never Give Up program when it visits schools. This would not be possible without the support of our sponsors Hornoi Leasing and SaskTel.
The focus of the program is directed towards youth at risk and the formative years where the need for positive role models and the overcoming of adversity is paramount. What has never changed throughout our program delivery is the use of Saskatchewan sports personalities to engage the participants and share with them their personal stories about never giving up.