Induction Weekend: All About our Inductees

Photo: Nancy Kerr (skip), Linda Burnham (third), Kenda Richards (second), Gertie Pick (lead).

With the 46th Annual Induction Weekend, just around the corner, the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame is busy selling tickets and getting the inductee exhibits ready – make sure you have your tickets for June 16.  This year also brings a few changes to our Induction Weekend. We are no longer hosting a golf tournament or the “dinner” aspect of the induction installation ceremony. With that being said, the main goal for our Induction Ceremony is to re-dedicate the events of the Induction Weekend to focus on the inductees, both past and present, and celebrate their accomplishments.

The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame interviewed two-time inductee and board member, Linda Burnham to get her input on this year’s events. Enjoy!

Question: When were you inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame?

Linda: I was first inducted into the SSHF in June of 1989 for winning the Canadian Ladies Curling Championship in 1970 (now called Scott Tournament of Hearts).    My second induction was in June of 2008 for winning the Senior Ladies Canadian Championship and the Senior Ladies World Championship in 2003.

Question: What does it mean to you to be a two – time inductee?

Linda: I think it means I have been competing in curling for a very long time!!   In reality, it is truly an honour, and source of pride to be recognized amongst those Saskatchewan athletes from all sports who have achieved the highest level of success within their sport.   As a competitor, I believe your sport gives back to you for the dedication you have given to that sport.  Being inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame means the community and province you have competed, in has also given back to you with the highest form of recognition.

Question: What has been your involvement with the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame?

Linda: Currently, I am a member of the Board of Directors for the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame (SSHF).  I have just finished a 3 year term, and am heading into another 3 year term.   This is a working Board, and we all get involved in the many activities and functions held by the SSHF.   We are strategically heading in new directions with new goals to attain, and it’s very exciting to be part of a group of people with great ideas and the willingness to make things happen.

Question: As Co-Chair of the 2012 Induction Weekend Committee, what can the inductees, their families and friends expect from the Weekend?

Linda: The Induction weekend is what the SSHF is all about, and we are ready to accept a new slate of athletes, teams and builders into the SSHF.   We have made some changes this year to the Induction weekend.  We want to ensure that inductees will remember the weekend as one of recognition and celebration with their family and friends who have been the cheering section for them throughout their years of competition.   We want them to feel like they are joining a group of fellow competitors with whom they become friends, and share with them the many traits that all competitors have in common.  We will also recognize any past inductees who are in attendance as it is the inductees who are the “Hall of Fame” and they represent the history and legacy of their sport.   It may take a few years, but we would like the Induction weekend to be an annual reunion of this entire group of great Saskatchewan athletes, builders and teams!!

For more information about our Induction Weekend:

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