1996 University of Saskatchewan Huskies Football Team

Accomplishments: Vanier Cup Champions, 1996

During the 1996 Canada West football season, the University of Saskatchewan Huskies football team, led by head coach Brian Towriss, took a bite out of their western opponents en route to a 7-1 record. During the regular season the Huskies defeated the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds 34-16 and 23-18, the University of Calgary 30-25 and 43-23, the University of Manitoba Bisons 26-7 and 24-12, and the University of Alberta Golden Bears 28-20, with the team’s only loss coming from the Golden Bears in a 16-10 game.

In post season, the Huskies attacked the rest of the country, defeating the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds 37-16 in the Hardy Cup Canada West final. Moving on to the Churchill Bowl, the Huskies secured the national semi final with a win over the University of Guelph Gryphons with a score of 33-9.

Finally, the team had proved their dominations at the Vanier Cup with a 31-12 victory over St. Francis Xavier in the national final. The Bruce Coulter Award (offensive or defensive player of the game) was awarded to Warren Muzika, and the Ted Morris Memorial Trophy (outstanding player in the Vanier Cup) went to Brent Schneider. This championship win cemented the 1996 Huskies as the most prolific scoring team in Huskie history.

The team produced a number of 1996 Canada West All-Stars, namely Brent Schneider, Jaret Rennie, Scott Flory, Trent Bagnall, Trevor Ludtke, Warren Muzika, James Repesse, Joe Saul, Mike Stewart, Jason Weber, and Matt Kellett. A number of players were also named 1996 All-Canadians, including Brent Schneider, Joe Saul, James Repesse, and Trent Bagnall on the first team, and Jaret Rennie and Wayne Muzika on the second team. Joe Saul, Chris Flory and Greg Moe were drafted to the Canadian Football League (CFL) that year, with Matt Kellett, Warren Muzika, Kevin Lefsrud, Scott Flory and Trevor Ludtke going on to play football in the CFL at later dates.

Installed in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on June 13, 2009.

Front Row l to r: Brandon Leatherdale, Chris Flory, Brent Schneider, Barry Radcliffe, David Blackburn, Bart Arnold, Rick Wakeman, Mike Harrington, Brian Towriss (Head Coach), Ed Carleton, Darrell Burko, Scott Farmer, Bob Coffin, Jason Olynyk, Joe Saul, Steve Cornish, David Rogers, Al Bodnarchuk (Massage Therapist)

Second Row: Katie Spriggs (Equipment Manager), Joelle Burley (Athletic Therapist), Colin Tanner, Tim Coucill, Nathan Shaw, Colin Dutton, Tony Boensch, Trent Bagnall, Jason Fielden, Jason Johnston, Shawn Babiuk, David Fisher, Shawn Grant, Matt Kellett, Darren Nagel, James Repesse, Scott Flory, Ian Hundeby, Eric Kirschner, David MacPherson, Ryan Flett (Manager)

Third Row: Todd Receveur (Athletic Therapist), Kevin Lefsrud, Mark Dutton, Mike Milo, Dan Tkatchuk, Luc Oleniuk, Trevor Ludtke, Aaron Moser, Doug Rozon, Mike Stewart, Jon Farthing, Warren Muzika, Jaret Rennie, Todd Lynden, Tony Chad, Brandon Stroh, Joel Ebbers, Gregg Meikle, Aki Georgacacos, Sean Reader, Nathan Schellenberg

Fourth Row: Shawn Beurts, Carl Gutek, David Straub, Trevor Koot, Chad Wiens, Rylan Egan, T.J. Zavlanos, Tyler Majcher, Troy Biever, Rudi Tessman, Rob Martz, Kimble Christie, Jason Crumb, Tyler Forsyth, Glen Carson, Sim Yan Yok

Back Row: Rick Medernach, Derek Malinchuk, Brennan Fobel, Brad Mitchell, Justin Loshack, Jason Weber, Mike Beazely, David Murza, Ryan Smith, Mark Anderson