1991 Saskatoon Hilltops Football Club

Accomplishments: Canadian Junior Football Champions, 1991.

The 1991 version of the Saskatoon Hilltops began their season with three straight victories in the Prairie Junior Football League (PJFL). Their only loss of the year came in their fourth game when their southern cousins, the Regina Rams, prevailed with a 25-21 victory. This loss was their first and last for the season as they went on to win their next four league games including a 54-29 redemptions against the Rams in the final league game.

The Hilltops defeated the Edmonton Huskies 52-6 in the semi-finals and the Regina Rams 32-9 in the conference final. The Western Canadian Final saw the ‘Toppers defeat the Okanagan Sun 41-27 to advance to the Canadian championship. The championship game was played in Saskatoon with the ‘Toppers winning convincingly over the Ottawa Sooners by a score of 48-7. Quarterback Brent Schneider led the way throwing four touchdowns and passing for 472 yards.

Two members of the team were selected as the most valuable offensive and defensive players in the National championship, Schneider for offense (which was in addition to being named the most valuable player in the PJFL) and Dave Guthrie on defense. Eight members of the team; Mark Neil, Dave Fisher, Jeremy Braitenback, Donovan Swinnerton, Brent Schneider, Vince Ashmeade, Ken Campbell and Sean Zaychkowsky were selected to the PJFL all-star squad.

The Hilltops outscored their opponents 523 to 187 in their 12-game season and captured their eighth Canadian championship in junior football and collected the Canadian Bowl Trophy. This tremendous accomplishment was directed by a coaching staff that included Dave Hardy (Head Coach), Doug Humbert, Kelly Bowers, Dwight Harnish, Guy Fuller and Tom Sargent.

Installed in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on June 11, 2005.

Left to Right:

Front Row: L. Tulp, G. Yuel, C. Hall, M. Neil, V. Ashmeade, K. Campbell, B. Schneider, J. Stratychuk, G. Rybchinski, P. Babichuck.

2nd Row: B. Thorstad, A. Wilson (assistant trainer), K. Norman (equipment manger), coaches: T. Sargeant, D. Humbert; D. Hardy (head coach), G. McLean (president), coaches: K. Bowers, D. Harnish, G. Fuller, G. Simpson (team manager), C. Young (trainer), K. Zawislak (assistant trainer).

3rd Row: D. Keller, R. Deback, B. Churchwell, S. Daou, J. Brown, D. Bidwell, P. Barry, D. Siki, G. Robertson, S. Zaychkowdky, J. Loshack, K. Wist, D. Swinnerton, J. Little, G. Hartz, C. Barry, G. Moe, J. Doell.

4th Row: S. Bowkowy, R. Simpson, V. Sopczak, B. Schaan, K. Fletcher, J. Braitenback, B. Fobel, S. Johnson, M. Barber, M. Tataryn, K. Wintermute, D. Guthrie, W. Muzika, K. Frey, S. Sommerfeldt, R. Cardell, K. Kane.

5th Row: B. Monar, J. Weber, D. Abraham, K. Lovegrove, W. Nogier, D. Fisher, D. Grabowski, G. Gentner, G. McComber, K. Hubbs, R. Moehler, G. Sookocheff, R. Fedak, D. Reidy.