1980 Regina Rams Football Club

Accomplishments: Canadian Junior Football Champions, 1980.

The success of the 1980 Regina Rams Football Team reflects the peak of Jerry Zbytnuik’s six-year stint as head coach. The Rams were determined not to repeat their 1979 loss in the Canadian final. Zbytnuik felt that he had put too much pressure on a few veterans.

The 1980 edition of the Rams was a young team led by Chris Hamilton, an eighteen-year-old quarterback. The team showed great poise during the season, finishing first in the Prairie Junior Football Conference (PJFC) with a record of 7 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie amassing 313 pts for and 154 pts against.

During the playoffs, the Rams defeated the Calgary Mohawks in the semifinal, 60-3 and the Edmonton Huskies in the final, 33-10 winning the Paul Schwann memorial trophy.

From there they went on to the Canadian Junior Football League Western Canadian final and defeated the Vancouver Meralomas 28-5, winning the Gillespie Trophy to advance to the Canadian final.

In the Canadian final they outplayed the Hamilton Hurricanes 26-15 in the Canadian final at Taylor Field in Regina to win the Armadale Cup which signifies junior football supremacy in Canada.

Installed in the Hall of Fame June 16, 1990.

Left to Right:

Front Row: C. McGillivray (assistant trainer), C. Byas (equipment assistant), L. Rody (equipment manager), Dr. F. Samuels (physician), D. McDougall (president), assistant coaches: G. Harris, C. Clark; J. Zbytnuik (head coach), assistant coaches: F. McCrystal; J. Francis (trainer), M. Hamilton (assistant coach).

2nd Row: D. Arsenault, K. Vallevand, T. Solonynko, K. Peyson, D. Badowich, B. Thompson, G. Wilchuck, W. Mulligan, G. Nesbitt, C. Hammond, D. Ziegler, C. Sacawayacappo, G. Farrow, P. Dawson.

3rd Row: R. Bradley, R. Palmarin, D. Currie, T. Probe, P. Hamilton, K. Hiller, L. Krentz, R. Sisco, T. Wiens, F. Macera, L. Mosiondz, T. Spelliscy, M. Ell, C. Edwards, K. Hamilton.

4th Row: G. Wahlmeier, G. Klotz, R. Hutchinson, C. Hamilton, M. Ell, B. Taylor, D. Munroe, L. Mueller, T. McGeough, C. Sikorski, R. Smith, A. Pylatuk, J. Sinnaeve, J. Hulet, L. Geni, C. Toth.

5th Row: B. Knoll, G. Brock, R. Lewis, B. Parker, T. Eisler, G. Heuck, H. Wilkie, L. Antonini, M. Hamilton.

6th Row: directors: P. Barnby, B. Milton, E. Harbottle, R. Houston, B. Millar, V. Vlanich, E. Fluter; N. Thurmeier (vice president), directors: K. King, W. Hunter, G. Mather.

Missing: Directors: D. McDougal, B. Nelson, D. Whitteker, Dr. J. Alexander (physician).