1969 Saskatoon Hilltops Football Club

Accomplishments: Canadian Junior Football Champions, 1969

In 1969 the Saskatoon Hilltops set off to win their second consecutive Canadian Junior Football championship. The team had lost a lot of their players from the winning ’68 team along with their coach who was replaced by Dean Dickson but that did not stop the Hilltops.

After an evenly matched regular season the Hilltops met their biggest rivals, the Regina Rams in the Manitoba-Saskatchewan league final in a two game total point series. The Hilltops did not have a good start, losing to the Rams 7-3 in the first game. The Hilltops defeated the Rams the following game, 20-14 to advance them on to the Western final with a 23-21 edge in the points total.

In the Western final they met the Edmonton Huskies, who averaged 39 points and allowed only an average of four points a game. The Hilltop underdogs were not phased and overwhelmed the Huskies 39-17 to play for the Canadian title.

Once again the Hilltops met the Ottawa Sooners at the Canadian championship as they had the previous year. The Hilltops won the game 28-7, relying on a running game because of the bad weather conditions at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. Bob Korpan intercepted two passes and was named the Most Valuable Player of the game.

Installed in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in 1971.

Back Row: Tony Saretsky, Glen Ponomarenko, Jim Seaman, Larry Giles, Don Bentham, Henry Strelioff, Jim Gabert, Gerry Phillips, Brian Jones, Dave Hansen, Rod Kimpton

Fourth Row: Razer Sutherland, Archie Thompson, Gren Smith-Windsor, Murry Richardson, Dean Dickson, Oscar Breher, Kay MacDonald, Scotty Clark, Chuck Porter, Clint Sommerfield, Brent McWillie

Third Row: Dave Bowler, Stan Polak, Dave Pickett, Gerry Karpenko, Doug Rudolph, Bob Korpan, Gord Johnson, Gord Remmen

Second Row: Hal Lackie, Bob Faulkner, Rick Wakeman, Walt Fingler, Lyle Johnson, Mark Schoenhals, Owen Charmbury, Gord Simle

Front Row: Brian Cardunder, George Halstead, Lyle Oliver, Julian Kaminsky, Darryl Chambers, George Calder, Mel Hitchings, Phil Mooney, Steve Dionne, Judson Wilms, Doug Barber