1958 Saskatoon Hilltops Football Club

Accomplishments: Canadian Junior Football Champions, 1958.

Promoted from line coach to head coach, Johnny Babineau brought back the winning tradition to the Hilltops after many challenging years of not advancing past the league final. With a talented roster full of hard-working individuals it was no surprise that the Hilltops went undefeated their entire season.

After dominating the Manitoba-Saskatchewan League with a record of 8-0, the Hilltops met the Regina Rams in the two game total point league final series. The Hilltops won the first game 50-19 and in the second game the defense collected six interceptions to defeat the Rams 34-20.

Continuing their undefeated streak the Hilltops went on to the western final shutting out the Edmonton Wildcats 26-0. The football club was off to Montreal to battle for the Canadian Junior Football championship against the also undefeated Notre Dame de Grace Maple Leafs. Although the 44-hour train ride to Montreal weighed on the players, the Hilltops still came out on top in an 18-14 victory to capture the club’s second national championship. A perfect 12-0 season.

Installed in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in 1971.

Left to Right:

Front Row: K. Thompson, D. Fowke, I. Skene, J. Somers (water boy), M. Dickson (water boy), B. Mathison, B. Belak, T. Dorosh.

2nd Row: A. Parneta, G. Werezak, J. Coleman, J. Duffus, C. Gullickson, E. Reimer, B. Jones, B. Roland.

3rd Row: G. McIndoe, B. Johnson, D. Shaw, C. Pilkey (trainer), G. Adolph (manager), J. Babineau (head coach), D. Somers (president), R. Tinkler (assistant coach), Dr. S. Landa (physician), R. Periton (trainer), D. Folk, A. Finlay.

4th Row: B. Myers, H. Kellough, B. Casselman, B. Curtis, A. Ledingham, E. Kyba, K. Webster, D. Hibbert, D. Barbaro, G. McKee, B. Johnson.

Missing: S. Melnyk, B. Harvie, B. Armstrong, G. Van Cleave, D. Featherstone.