1923 University of Saskatchewan Hockey Team

Accomplishments: Inter-Provincial University Champions Allan Cup Finalists, 1923

The University of Saskatchewan hockey team in 1923 consisted of determined players and an experienced coach who had played and coached hockey since 1906. This combination produced the Saskatoon City League Championship, the Saskatchewan Amateur Championship, Interprovincial University Championship, Western Canadian League Championship and were Allan Cup Finalists all in the year 1923.

The team won the Van Valkenburg Cup of the S.A.H.A, the Patton Cup of Western Canada, Halpenny Cup of Inter-Varsity, and the Mitchener Cup of the City league.

The quality of the men on this team has been proven by their records of achievement in their varied professions since that time.

Installed in the Sports Hall of Fame on March 22, 1975.

Left to Right:

Bottom Row: Harold Wilson, S.E. Turvey, Ernie McNab, George Art

2nd Row: Reginald Brehaut, William MacLean

3rd Row: Douglas McCallum, Wilfred Heffernan, Charlie Hay, William Broadfoot, Don Collins, Merv Moore