1969 Joyce McKee Curling Team

Accomplishments: Canadian Ladies’ Curling Champions, 1969.

The Joyce McKee Rink of Saskatoon was the winner of three Canadian Ladies Curling Championships.

In 1969, Joyce McKee (skip), with Vera Pezer (third), Lenore Morrison (second) and Jennifer Falk (lead), were the winners of the Tenth Canadian Ladies Curling Championship held in Fort William, Ontario. The Saskatchewan rink met the Ontario Champions in the final, both with identical records, beating them 6-5 to win. Miss McKee became the first lady skip to lead her rink to three National Championships.

The superior style of play by these Saskatchewan curlers forced women curlers across the country to come up to their standard affecting an overall improvement in ladies’ curling. The girls played an accurate take out game for the most part, but when necessary could switch to a draw with equal success. Their long slide style, especially that of skip Joyce McKee set a trend which has continued to develop. The sweeping style of the Westerners as well as their mastery of curling strategy was also a type rarely seen in Eastern women’s curling.

The “Joyce McKee Rinks” of Saskatchewan were a success on and off the ice. These three winning teams played a significant role in helping to establish the Canadian Ladies Curling Association Championship as a major National sporting event.

Installed in the Sports Hall of Fame on March 31, 1973.

Left to Right: Lenore Morrison (second), Jennifer Falk (lead), Vera Pezer (third), Joyce McKee (skip).