1955 Bayne Secord Saskatoon Technical Collegiate Curling Team

Accomplishments: Canadian High School Boys Curling Champions, 1955.

Following their success in 1954, new team members Merv Mann and Gary Stevenson replaced Don Snyder and Don Brownell as Bayne Secord went on another run to secure his second Canadian championship. With Bayne Secord as skip, Stan Austman as third, Merv Mann as second and Gary Stevenson as lead, the team won the Saskatchewan championship for a second time and travelled to Sydney, Nova Scotia for the Canadian championships.

The Saskatchewan foursome went into the last game of the round robin against Prince Edward Island with a record of 7-1. The PEI team needed a win to force a playoff with Saskatchewan for the championship. The game ended in Saskatchewan’s favour, with a score of 12-5, capturing the Secord team’s second consecutive Canadian Schoolboy Curling Championship.

At that championship, Stan Austman demonstrated his ability to slide the length of the ice and set his rock on the button. This type of delivery prompted the Saskatchewan Curling Association to enact a rule change in 1956, prohibiting a player from sliding over the hog line.

The Bayne Secord Curling Team was inducted into the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame in 1995.

Installed in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on June 20, 1998.

Left to Right: Bayne Secord (skip), Stan Austman (third), Merv Mann (second), Gary Stevenson (lead).

Missing: Ken Moir (coach).