• Sung Ju Kim

    Sung Ju Kim trained as a tae kwon do athlete in his native Korea, and earned his sixth degree black belt before immigrating to Canada in 1973. On October 1, 1973, he opened the first World Tae Kwon Do Federation Read more →

  • Yoon Sang Ha

    Yoon Sang Ha

    Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1972, Master Yoon Sang Ha has spent virtually his entire life committed to the sport and discipline of Taekwondo. As the son of Grandmaster Kee Ha, he became part of a family tradition from Read more →

  • Ha Grandmaster Kee

    Grandmaster Kee Ha

    Grandmaster Kee Ha has been one of the driving forces behind taekwondo in Saskatchewan for nearly 35 years. After beginning his training in Korea in the late 1950s, Ha opened Saskatchewan’s first World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) school in Regina in Read more →