Do you know someone that belongs in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame? We need YOU to nominate them!

Since 1966, the SSHF has honoured outstanding Athletes, Builders and Teams. With 519 inductees currently being celebrated, the deadline is quickly approaching to recognize more outstanding products of Saskatchewan for induction in 2019.

The first step for all of our inductees to be honoured in the SSHF is, besides having an outstanding sport career, to be nominated. There is a common misconception that it is the job of the SSHF staff to nominate and select inductees; however, this is not the case. Staff members are not allowed to nominate Athletes, Builders or Teams. Therefore, all nominations that are brought to the Hall of Fame are from the public – that means you! Nomination forms can be found here.

The Board of Directors would like to officially remind nominators that the annual deadline for nominations into the SSHF is Wednesday, October 31st.