Never Give Up

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The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame is pleased to present:

Never Give Up began in 2011 as a “one time only” program targeting students in Grades 3-5 in support of the Saskatchewan Social Studies Curriculum based on the objectives of community, our province, and heroes. The program strove to:

  • Answer what makes a person a “hero”
  • Recognize the special contributions that the presenters have made to Saskatchewan athletics and our society
  • Understand that there are positive role models that could be heroes in our schools, at home and in the community
  • Understand that heroes are different for everyone

Elementary students are extremely impressionable. They are entering a point in their lives where they act, think and feel on their own while developing impressions of themselves and those around them. It is important that they are provided with positive people or “heroes” who they can look up to within their own community. As such, the program was developed around SSHF inductee, Ted Jaleta, and his personal story of never give up.

Following an extremely successful debut, the Never Give Up program was developed into one that would be offered on a regular basis to locations throughout Saskatchewan. While the involvement of Ted Jaleta has been one of the hallmarks of the program, the involvement of other sport personalities from Saskatchewan has been essential to its success. All of these individuals have overcome obstacles and hardships and truly understand what it means to “Never Give Up” and serve as positive role models. Past participants have included Fiona Smith-Bell (hockey), Heather Kuttai (Paralympian – shooting), Fred Sasakamoose (hockey), and Kia Byers (canoe/kayak). Saskatchewan is a diverse province and this diversity is well represented within the student population. With this in mind we have always striven to choose presenters who can speak to and represent these diversities.

Since 2011 Never Give Up has reached more than 15,000 students and been expanded to involve Grades 3-8. The idea of “hero” has become a bit more diminished while the need for positive role models and overcoming of adversity have been increased in our delivery. What has never changed is the use of Saskatchewan sport personalities to engage the participants and share with them their personal stories about never giving up.

Canada 150 Traveling Exhibit & Never Give Up

The theme of Canada’s 150 is proud, strong and free. Our traveling exhibit, “A Call to Arms: Sportsmen and the Armed Forces”, features 82 of the SSHF’s 505 inductees who have served in the Armed Forces. This exhibit tells the stories and the sacrifice of these individuals as they served their country and helped to make it proud, strong and free. The companion program, “Never Give Up”, is an opportunity to look at how overcoming personal adversity and finding success through the achievement of one’s goals is another means to celebrate being proud, strong and free. Youth, and particularly youth at risk, need help to understand that they are not alone in their struggles. They are Canada’s future and our efforts now to help set them down that path are critical. We believe that our project is important in helping to establish this legacy and it all starts with Canada 150.

Never Give Up on the Road in 2017

The SSHF has seen the success of taking programming out to the community either as education outreach or single location traveling exhibits.

A 53′ mobile museum featuring exceptional moments in Saskatchewan sport as showcased through the legacy of our inductees, Saskatchewan sport personalities, and the permanent collection of the SSHF, will hit the road starting April 1, 2017 and remain in transit until September 30, 2017. These inductees and their stories celebrate the local grassroots initiatives resulting in the availability of sport for all; the thrill of carrying the provincial and national flags; the achievement of goals on the national and international stage; and the Saskatchewan tradition of “giving back”. And, for many of them, they also showcase the need to “Never Give Up”.

In 2017 we hope to visit 50 schools and communities throughout Saskatchewan. In each location we will “bring history alive” through the involvement of an inductee(s) and offer public and /or education programming to support the Never Give Up ideals. The evolution of the Never Give Up program has shown us that the message of our sport personalities is one that truly resonates with the youth of Saskatchewan.

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