Remembrance Day exhibit

Start Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2023
End Date: Monday, December 11, 2023


While Saskatchewan is home to many successful sports figures, the province has also been a home for courageous veterans. Many of our inductees paused their sporting careers to serve their country. Some inductees have also used sport as a path to heal from military life.

This Remembrance Day, the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame highlights the stories of some of our veteran inductees.

In addition to the artifacts on display, there are also six Remembrance Day banners displayed that tell the story of the service of the majority of the 124 SSHF inductees who served in the military. A number of these great athletes also excelled in their service, earning commendations and medals for their contributions. These stories range from the First World War and into the 21st century as the link between athletics and service remains strong.

Of those, six SSHF inductees were killed during their service – Edward Lyman “Hick” Abbott, James Bladon, Alex Decoteau, Ernest “Ossie” Herlen, Harry McKenzie, and Claude Warwick. Their stories – along with many more – are featured as we share some of the history in the province of service and athletic achievement.

Pictured are two hockey cards featuring goalies Johnny Bower (left) and Emile “The Cat” Francis who both served during the Second World War. Above their cards is Julien Audette’s flight log from the Second World War. Audette was a pioneer in aviation in the province, including helping in the formation of the Sask Air Ambulance Service in 1946. Audette is the SSHF’s only inductee in the sport of soaring – which is also known as gliding – and features flying for distance and duration in unpowered aircraft.