The Sports Investors Club

Members of the Sports Investors Club help the SSHF to implement our strategic operations plan, while also contributing to our Sport Legacy Fund to support our plans for facility and exhibit upgrades.

The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame (SSHF) invites you to invest in the preservation and interpretation of Saskatchewan’s rich sports heritage.

Invest in the preservation and interpretation of Saskatchewan's rich sports heritage.

Want to become a Sask Sports Hall of Fame Sport Investor Sponsor?

  • Carol Belton
  • Craig Adam & Debra Duncan
  • Ernie Nicholls
  • Eugene Hritzuk
  • Frank Lowery
  • H. Douglas Ramsay
  • Janet Grassick Kuchinka
  • Lee Ann & Donovan Brown
  • Maureen “Chick” Baker
  • Ron & Gaylene Wooglar
  • Shirley Kowalski