Adopt an Inductee

Fun for all grade levels!

Since 1966, the SSHF has been honouring athletes, teams and sport builders; we call them inductees. Now our Hall of Fame features over 505 inductees representing 51 different sports.

Would you like to bring Saskatchewan Sport History (SSHF) into your classroom? By Adopting an Inductee from the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame, you and your students can learn about our sport heritage!

The Adoption Process:

There is no right or wrong way to bring an Inductee into your classroom! Here are a few ways you and your students can decide on which inductee to adopt as a class:

  • Explore the website as a class and come up with a list of ten inductees you and your students would like to learn about. Have the students vote from the list or pick from a hat;
  • Have each students pick one inductee (they all must be different) and have them debate why the individual that they picked should be the lucky adopted inductee;
  • You can select a different inductee each month;
  • Each student can pick one inductee (they all must be different) and that is their adopted inductee for the year;
  • Be creative and have fun with this activity!

Classroom Connection:

When your classroom has decided on the lucky inductee, you can:

  • Learn all about them on our website;
  • Find out additional information about the individual;
  • Learn about their birthplace;
  • Learn about the sport(s) that the played;
  • Create your own Hall of Fame where the inductees are your students and they select the sport;
  • Research other athletes, teams or builders in that sport;
  • Following an up and coming athlete or team from that sport;
  • Learn about competitions and events that surround the sport (Olympic games, tournaments, Pan-American games);
  • Try playing the sport in physical education class or at recess;
  • Bring your class to the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame!